Talent Behind The Divine Taste

About The Owner

“I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. My dad is from Trinidad and my mom is from Aruba. Having been born in a family rich in West Indian and Netherland culture, I have been exposed at a very young age to the art of really good food and presentation. I can remember standing in the kitchen at the age of 9 with my mom saying, “stand here and watch me”, as she explained how to prepare the food. By the age of 12 my mom had gone back to work full-time and having leftovers in a West Indian family by my dad’s standard was a big no-no! At that point I took over the responsibility of making dinner for my family. My eclectic taste in food has given way to my drive and passion to prepare excellent cuisine.

I received my BA in Urban Studies with concentration in public administration from CUNY Queens College, where I also worked as a CUNY Office Assistant to the Dean of Math & Natural Sciences. After I had risen to the challenges of managing the Dean’s office at CUNY Queens College, I received and accepted a job offer from SUNY Empire State College as Assistant to the Dean of the Long Island Center. I moved to Raleigh, NC accepting a position as Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Marketing & Social Media Communication at William Peace University, which lead to my promotion as Coordinator for Campus Life Events.

I spearheaded numerous projects and events in my career in higher education. Little did I know all these experiences were training ground for me to operate and manage my own business. North Carolina was where Divine Taste Catering was conceptualized. I was extremely fortunate to be able to execute numerous events successfully. Throughout my life I have been told, “you need to get into the catering business you missed your calling.” Well I’m here to say that I haven’t missed my calling, I just answered at the moment in time where there was perfect alignment with the universe and stars.

I decided to move back to New York City and enrolled in an intensive culinary arts/back of the housetraining program established by Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York City (ROC-NYC), called Colors Hospitality Opportunities for Workers (CHOW) Institute. I also pride myself on the fact that I have received some of the best training from my mom. I am grateful that my parents exposed me to foods from different cultures from a very young age, which gave way to my curious nature in the way herbs and spices are used to achieve and develop various flavors.

I accepted a position at Prospect Corner Restaurant as Head Executive Chef where I was able to apply my higher education administrative knowledge and my culinary expertise. I rebranded and revamped the restaurants image and menu. I decided to move my business Divine Taste Catering forward merging the restaurant world with the catering world in the most fantastic way.

The transition from managing projects in higher education to owning and operating my own catering business has been effortlessly natural to me. I am excited to be fully aware of the journey that has brought me to this moment in time, because cooking food is my passion. There is a saying that goes, “follow your passion and you would never have to work a day in your life.” Well, I am humbled to know that my days of working are over and I can live out my true passion.”


Signature Dish: Plátanos Verdes Rellenos de Ensalada de Repollo Chipotle y Bacón y Panko Frito de Camarón.

Translation: Green Plantains Stuffed with Chipotle Coleslaw & Bacon & Panko Fried Shrimp.

Signature Drink: Pineapple & Ginger with Whole Cloves Infusion